How can bagels help change the world?


It might seem like a stretch, but we do believe bagels can help change the world. 


Showing the world that Autism can help us find the missing piece of our puzzle.

As citizens and business owners, we value the importance of giving back to our community. As soon as we decided to venture into the bagel business, we realized we had the opportunity to really make a positive change in our community. Before we even purchased the business, we knew we wanted to help support students living with Autism. Issues around living on the Autism spectrum are quite personal for our family. Our son use to be non-verbal and through multiple intervention methods, he is now classified as having high-functioning Autism. Our daughter was also diagnosed at 1 year old. Through aggressive early intervention we became fortunate enough to see her diagnosis change and she is no longer on the Autism spectrum.

One non-profit that has made a substantial positive impact on our lives has been Oasis NC. The small class sizes, one-on-one attention, and academic support have been wonderful for our son August. He loves school, has amazing friends, and is blossoming.

Through our family’s experiences we saw a need for more hands-on real life work training programs. We realized that having our own business enabled us to offer a unique internship program for students. We could put forth the extra effort and show, teach, and help develop job and customer service skills to our son’s classmates.

With help from Oasis NC, we could identify any accommodations or modifications a student might need and give them the opportunity to practice workplace skills. By providing students with support and additional guidance, we could help them develop skills they already had and realize skills they didn’t even know they had! 

Once they moved on from Oasis NC, they could take these real-life skills and continue to apply them as they find future employment. 

The possibilities are truly endless!



Our planet is important enough to help protect it.

Our son as always loved animals, but Oasis NC helped to really foster his love  of all living things. Our son really wants to help protect the environment. He started a "Saving the Environment" club at school, is always picking up trash when he sees it, loves to go on walks and swim, and is obsessed with Orca whales. As citizens of this planet, we are also concerned with the health of our environment. As business owners, this concerned has only increased as we see the vast amounts of garbage we produce on a daily basis. 

To help keep our planet healthy and practice what our family preaches, we want to reduce the amount of waste that serving food products produce. To aid in this effort, we are continually introducing more products which are recyclable, biodegradable, and/or compostable. We are continually finding more eco-friendly products to fit with our businesses needs. We look forward to being as environmentally friendly as possible!


Love is love and there many ways to show people they matter. 

We want to show are children that all people are valuable and matter. To accomplish this goal, we strive to make sure Seaside Bagels is a place where all people are welcome! We are a no judgement zone and hope all people can feel free to be themselves. 


Beyond the walls of our shop, we work towards helping people and giving to our community in a variety of ways. It can be as simple as donating left over bagels to Step Up WILMINGTON, sponsoring a sports team, hosting our daughters Girl Scout troop, donating doughnuts to Bitty & Beaus, selling artwork painted by Oasis NC students to fund enrichment programs,  or donating bagels to teachers in local area schools.

We hope that our customers embrace how we want to see our world and think of ways they can make someone else's day just a little bit better. 


Keep a look out because you never know what Seaside Bagels will be doing next!