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Meet Our Family


Xavier and Cristy Tondeur met while in high school in Chapel Hill, NC . After Xavier graduated from NC state and Cristy finished at UNC-Chapel they married and their life adventure continued on to wonderful and unexpected places. Xavier followed Cristy while she attended graduate school at Indiana University and University of Massachusetts. While Cristy was in graduate school they decided to start a family. They were blessed with August and Phoenix. After Phoenix was born they moved back to North Carolina to be closer to their family.


Xaiver was born in Belgium and moved around to many places in the United States before finishing high school in Chapel Hill. His love of art sent him to Savannah College of Art & Design before attending NC State. Xavier finished graduate school in Massachusetts and started teaching elementary school. He has always loved being around kids and he was a natural at teaching. He also enjoyed coaching basketball and snowboarding in New England with his school. Once his family moved back to NC, he went back to renovating houses and was able to use his artistic creativity in helping fix and remodel families homes. Xavier fell in love with the bagels in the shop before they even thought about buying the store. It wasn't long before he began to explore the possibilities and their next adventure began. 


Don't be surprised if you see him in the shop everyday. He enjoys working in a fast paced environment and he is always ready to talk about his beloved Seattle Seahawks, Carolina Panthers, or Carolina Tarheels. He enjoys meeting a wide variety of people and loves catching up with his regular customers. If he isn't working in the shop, Xavier is either with is family or on the volleyball court. He plays on several teams and is addicted to volleyball - both sand and indoor! He also is involved with their Autism Spectrumship Program  and looks forward to the weekly interactions with Oasis NC students. 

Cristy has a passion for social justice issues and this is evident through her academic career and the various projects she is involved with outside of Seaside Bagels. She taught classes in African American Studies, Ethnic & Gender Studies, and United States History for Indiana University - Bloomington, Univeristy of Massachusetts in Amherst, Westfield State University, and American Public University System. Not long after moving back to NC, Cristy was diagnosed with and successfully beat breast cancer. Cristy loves raising their children and looks forward to seeing their business grow. Don't be surprised if you see her dash in and out of the shop as she takes the kids to and from school and their various activities.

You will also see her on Wednesday mornings when she is working with their Autism Spectrumship Program. Cristy knew before they bought the store that she wanted to give back by supporting students living with Autism. She is thrilled to be coordinating this program. Beyond Seaside Bagels, Cristy is a board member of Athenian Press & Workshops here in Wilmington. Cristy is a Lifetime Girl Scout member and is often busy helping Phoenix's Girl Scout Brownie troop. She also continues to enjoy ballet and tap dance. August and Phoenix love that their mom dances in the yearly recital with them!
















If you see a kid with blue hair in Seaside Bagels it is probably August! He loves having his blue hair because it looks like his favorite Minecraft YouTuber! He often finds it easier to interact in our world if he is dressed as a character than just himelf. This is one of the parts of his Autism that we quickly fell in love with! He loves going to school at SEA Academy and always enjoys it when he is part of their weekly Oasis News videos.  When he isn't at school he loves swimming, playing Minecraft, tap dancing, participating in his Navigators scouting chapter, and dreaming of being back in the Massachusetts snow!

Phoenix always has a plain bagel in her hand. If you see her in the store she loves talking about her school Friends School of Wilmington, L.O.L dolls, Minecraft, Girl Scouts, and Cyndi Lauper. Phoenix also dances and participates in Girl Scouts and Navigators. She also loves to be creative by drawing like her father and singing like her mother. 

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